Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wasp stings times 2, but supermoms to the rescue!

My oldest, Charlie, got his first bee sting- it was a double sting, probably from a wasp or yellow jacket, actually.

We were at a neighborhood park with our cousins and their mom. The playground was too hot to play on, so we watched the ducks, and walked along the paths instead. All the kids were playing on a metal bike rack when cousin J started screaming and crying. We couldn't figure out what happened for a minute but then we saw that he'd been stung twice on his hand. I should have moved the other kids away from the area right away, but before I got a chance, Charlie got stung twice on his arm, too!

Aunt C and I were quite the sight trying to redirect the little kids from the nest, calm the big kids, slather lavender oil on the wounds, and then haul everyone to the car. Aunt C was awesome- she had the lavender oil right there in her bag (mine was in the car), she hauled the two toddlers over to me one in each arm, kept telling J that he was so brave, and then suggesting ice cream. Whew!

Poor little brave boys. Charlie stopped crying as soon as I put the lavender on him, but he did tearfully ask me to call his Dad and tell him what happened. I'm so grateful we had lavender on hand to stop the pain and any possible allergic reaction. Oils to the rescue!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cleaning the green way!

I just got home from teaching a cleaning class using essential oils. What fun to be surrounded by people who are actively pursuing healthier lifestyles for their families! I learn so much from everyone I encounter while teaching.

I thought I'd share a few recipes that we made- they are so simple but work REALLY well! Safe, inexpensive, non-toxic, easy and effective, what more could we ask for?!

For more recipes and tips, check out Kate's earlier post. 

Laundry detergent (high efficiency (HE) safe)
1 bar shaved soap (non-lotion added)
½ C borax
½ C washing soda
1 C oxyclean or oxobrite
3-6 drops essential oil of your choice (Purify, lemon, On Guard, Wild Orange)
*if using warm or hot water, add 1-2 T of powder to the wash
*if using cold water, dissolve powder in hot water before adding
*you won’t see a lot of suds, but your clothes will be sparkling!

other laundry tips:
-add vinegar to the laundry softener cup. It helps deodorize, sterilize and break down detergent
-bleach alternative: use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your whites
-dryer sheet alternative: dip 2 tennis balls in white vinegar and toss in dryer. This works with almost everything. Re-dip for each dryer load.

All purpose cleaner
½ T washing soda
½ t liquid dish soap
2 C hot water
Mix til dissolved.
Alternatively, try doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate!

Mopping Solution
¼ C white vinegar in hot water
2-3 drops lemon essential oil

2 T vinegar
1 quart warm water
1-2 drops lemon essential oil

Heavy Duty Window Cleaner
½ C household ammonia
2 quarts warm water
1 t dishwasher detergent

No-Wipe Window Cleaner (outdoors)
2-3 T laundry or dishwasher detergent
1 T dishwasher wetting agent (aka JetDry)
1 gallon warm water.
Brush or sponge on window. Immediately hose off. Water will sheet off.

Carpet freshener
4 C baking powder
5 drops essential oil (try Purify, lemon, On Guard, lavender)
Sprinkle on carpet. Let sit for 15 minutes. Vacuum.

Air freshener
1-2 ounces water
5-10 drops essential oil (Purify, On Guard, melaleuca, lemon, lavender, Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, Peppermint, etc.)
Combine in a small spray bottle.  Shake well before use. Spray to disinfect and freshen the air.

“Soft Scrub”
½ C baking soda
1 t glycerin
small amount of liquid dish soap
Add enough dish soap to make a frosting-like texture. Mix. Store in airtight container.

*Note: when storing products with essential oils, use glass or stainless steel containers whenever possible

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby G loves oils!

I love the idea that my kids are growing up using essential oils. They love them and ask for them. They know how to use them, too! My little one was having such a great time the other day, I had to snap some pics. He's using a glass roller bottle with essential oils and fractionated coconut oil in it. I pre-dilute oils and keep them in these bottles so they are easy to use. Note: many oils are safe for children undiluted, but many should be diluted for use on children and babies. Refer to the Modern Essentials reference book for more information. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Welcome to summer!

Dear Friends,

Inline image 1 
In this June email: 
Oils of the month
The Summer Splash Kit
Interesting info

Terra Shield 
10% off
Free with a $125 PV order by the 15th of the month 
Inline image 4 
 Elevation is known as the Joyful Blend.For depression, fatigue or anxiety, hopelessness, stress in children and adults Diffuse or apply topically.y. 
 Terra Shield Naturally protects against insect bites. Safe for the whole family. 
For more info., see
Inline image 3 
You may have Basil in your oil arsenol but do you have Dill, Spearmint or Tangerine? There are health benefits of course for these  four oils, but there are also great summer recipes you can use these oils in. I have loved the special oils offered only in these summer kits!
Find the recipes and more info at

Interesting Info.:
In the most recent doTERRA Living Magazine, there are pages on how to use the oils for many summer outdoor activities. Hiking; sunburns; insect bites and stings; ticks; bruises, burns and blisters.  (Did you know that Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Purify, Roman Chamomile, or a combination of several, works like a charm on bee sings?) Also in this issue are recipes for that summer barbque and recipes for your own sunscreen.  One of my favorite ideas is small travel kit you can put in an empty Altoid Tin with sample bottles of your most used oils, bandaids, onguard throat drops etc..
Summer is a great time to consider hosting a class. There are so many fun things to talk about and incorporate into the 101 class we do. And the hostess gifts are great!!! Let us help you share the "gift of the earth" with those you want to tell about doTERRA.
Happy Oiling,

Monday, April 1, 2013

Great April Promotion- FREE Deep Blue!

Earn a FREE Deep Blue 10 mL roll-on oil and Deep Blue Rub (retail value $124.33). Receive these pain-relieving products by placing a single 200 Points Value order from April 1st to April 30th. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It pays to be a Loyalty Rewards Member!

Check out my haul from the month of October. I got all of these oils for FREE because I'm a Loyaty Rewards member. It was $175 worth of product!

Here's a link to the details about the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

doTERRA convention 2012: New Product Guide

Wow, the three mamas just finished attending the 2012 doTERRA convention and we are just bursting with new information and excitement. I, for one, feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible movement of alternative health care. There are some really exciting things happening!

We'll be recapping some of what we learned here and I wanted to start by sharing some of my new favorite products announce at convention this year. For a full list of the new products, visit the online product guide. 

First up, Mito2Max. This is an all natural energy supplement that 1) contains NO stimulants (aka caffeine, guarana, etc.) and 2) actually works!!

Check this link out for all the details but essentially, Mito2Max works on a cellular level to boost mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are our cells' "powerhouse", so more efficient mitochondria equal more overall energy and stamina!

My husband has been using this for several days and has reported a marked difference in his energy, especially in the morning.

Many of my friends are moms of young children and therefore are chronically sleep deprived. We are all looking forward to have something natural, gentle, and safe to replace that mid-afternoon diet Coke (and truthfully, the few we had before noon.)

Another favorite new product is a new essential oil blend called InTune.

From the product guide,
"InTune is a proprietary blend of essential oils, carefully selected for their ability to enhance focus and support healthy thought processes.* This blend helps those who have difficulty paying attention to stay on task and sustain focus."
*statement not validated by the FDA

This blend is something we were all applying to the backs of our necks during convention to help us process all the information we were hearing. It's a great choice for someone battling through an attention-deficit disorder as well as anyone in need of extra help focusing.

I have a family member currently trying to finish her bachelor degree. She is so close! She just has one online class left. The difficulty there, however, is having the discipline and concentration to get the work done without the traditional classroom setting. She's been using InTune to help her focus on her classwork and get it done!

The Black Pepper oil has been available as a special Summer Sensation oil that we could earn but it wasn't available for purchase until now. 

Besides the obvious use in recipes (although be careful not to overdo it), Black Pepper is highly antioxidant and stimulating. It improves circulation, aids in digestion, is pain relieving, and the most exciting thing we learned at convention, is incredibly effective in curbing tobacco cravings! 

Again, we've had access to Cilantro as part of a limited edition Summer Sensation oils kit, but this is the first time the supply is secure enough to offer it year-round. 

Cilantro is an ingredient in PastTense, doTERRA's migraine/headache/pain blend, so it makes sense that one of its primary uses is for pain relief. 

It's also highly antioxidant, stimulating, and promotes digestion. Like Black Pepper, you can also cook with it! It's especially delicious in freshly made salsa.