Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November update from Mama Sue

Here's a few of my family's experiences with the doTERRA essential oils in the last month. 

-I used Serenity before a dental appointment and was as calm as I ever have been. Along the same vein, I used clove oil on a q-tip and applied it to the gum line around a sore tooth and the pain went away.

-My husband, Rick was getting a sore throat as we were outside winterizing the yard. I rubbed some melaleuca on his throat and had him drink water with some Vitamin C and On Guard several times during the day. That evening, he remarked that the sore throat was gone.

-We were in Boise for Thanksgiving with family and enjoyed giving each other Deep Blue shoulder and back massages. While we were there, one of the grand babies was constipated and we had the chance to rub some DigestZen on her feet and stomach. Her mother reported that she had several "good diapers full" and things seem to be going well again. 

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