Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Spring!

A few words from Mama Sue

Dear Friends,

Happy Spring! I am so grateful, each year, for the arrival of this beautiful, gentle season. It is, in many ways, like a new beginning as the earth wakes and warms up from a cold winters sleep. My New Year’s goals get tweaked a bit and additional ones get made—especially ones concerning my health and fitness. And, of course, with doTERRA, the accomplishment of those goals become very doable indeed!

We have been able to ride through the winter months quiet well, by using the oils, diffusers, and vitamins. A recipe used by several in the family suffering with colds and coughs was this:

doTERRA Essential Oil Antibiotic
12 drops of On Guard, 6 drops of oregano, 2 drops
of Frankincense in a gel cap 2 X’s a day.(You can halve this recipe if you feel it is too strong and just take it 4 X’s a day)

I have a sister who gets sick every year and often has to go to the hospital with a compromised lung condition. She did this regimen and got better quicker than in any previous year! With spring colds still here, this recipe might be handy to keep on hand. Empty gel caps are available at Whole Foods.

My diffuser has been running nearly every day with On Guard for germs; Citrus Bliss, Lemon or Grapefruit, for germs and for air freshener; or Breathe for when we felt a little congestion.

Another thing that has been helpful, is dropping oils into our drinking water. On Guard, or Lemon, Wild Orange or Lime, or Slim and Sassy, have been the most used these last months.

Did you all get your Deep Blue Rub and Deep Blue Oil? Those are the free oils for March with a 200PV order. That is a super, “feel good” deal. Use on those sore muscles that get used for the first time this season as you take your 1st hike, bike ride or your first days in the garden!!

Easter is coming quickly. Even though my kids are grown, we still do something fun for them. This year I am going to give oils. There are terra-cotta pendants that you drop several drops of oil on. You can wear these around your neck, or hang on your rearview mirror in your car. I am going also going to give them glass water bottles with silicone sleeves (to help prevent breakage if they drop). Remember, the citrus oils cannot be kept in plastic bottles because they start to break down the plastic and you don’t want to be drinking that! So instead of a basket full of candy—how about some oils!

And last but not least, our babies and kids class that got postponed in February (because Kate’s baby, Jude, came early) is now scheduled for April 5th. Please put the date on your calendar and let us know if you can come. This would be a perfect class to invite family members or friends with children to. Let us know☺.