Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wasp stings times 2, but supermoms to the rescue!

My oldest, Charlie, got his first bee sting- it was a double sting, probably from a wasp or yellow jacket, actually.

We were at a neighborhood park with our cousins and their mom. The playground was too hot to play on, so we watched the ducks, and walked along the paths instead. All the kids were playing on a metal bike rack when cousin J started screaming and crying. We couldn't figure out what happened for a minute but then we saw that he'd been stung twice on his hand. I should have moved the other kids away from the area right away, but before I got a chance, Charlie got stung twice on his arm, too!

Aunt C and I were quite the sight trying to redirect the little kids from the nest, calm the big kids, slather lavender oil on the wounds, and then haul everyone to the car. Aunt C was awesome- she had the lavender oil right there in her bag (mine was in the car), she hauled the two toddlers over to me one in each arm, kept telling J that he was so brave, and then suggesting ice cream. Whew!

Poor little brave boys. Charlie stopped crying as soon as I put the lavender on him, but he did tearfully ask me to call his Dad and tell him what happened. I'm so grateful we had lavender on hand to stop the pain and any possible allergic reaction. Oils to the rescue!

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